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I want 1st order

Hi! I am Ruttab, a Philosopher, new at Fiverr about 17 days and got no order yet. i want to get order and promote my gigs as well. Kindly guide me and check out my gigs.
Here, is the link


Welcome to Fiverr!!
To get more orders and sales, make your gigs attractive use catchy thumbnails and tags and correct SEO.
Send all 10 Buyer request in a professional and precised way to get orders. But do not fully depend on that, you need to do marketing yourself.
Usually, it takes 2-3 weeks normally to get first order if you send all 10 buyer request daily. For me, it took only 9 days to get my first order. After the first order is completed others orders will follow unexpectedly. You need to be patient.
Try to impress buyers if they inbox you to receive an order.
Keep your work sample / portfolio ready, because many buyers ask for it before placing an order.


Thanking you. Very few Buyer request are shown to me therefore, i sent only 4. i will focus on your guidelines.


You will see the request if the buyer has posted the request in your gig category.
Try your best to send all 10.

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your gigs will sell you

Wow You welcome you have good speed i like it keep it up and wait more time.
Update your work and gig give more time to develop you quality work.

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I see you offer to write essays.

Helping with academic work is a violation of the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Your gig is likely to be removed at any time.

Suggest you delete your essay gig and remove all references to essays from elsewhere in your other gigs.

Make sure to carefully read the Terms of Service as you are risking your account.


Oh i see. @lloydsolutions I ll work on it thank u so much😊


This is not a place for want order and promote your GIGS.
Nobody will give you order from this place.
You should read community guidelines and search similar topic first before creating any topic.

You competition among thousands of sellers. Someone need till 3 months for getting first order.

Same things, I am waiting for my first order. :heart_eyes:


I got my first order after 3 months and 130 unsuccessful bids. Keep trying. It may take some time but if you put effort consistently, you will surely make it happen!
Good luck!


congratulation. and best of :heart_eyes:

Wish You Good Luck. soon you Will Received order

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Hi, I’ve been on Fiverr for almost two months now … That’s nothing. I hope that you will have orders in the near future. So far, as you understand, I have not had one :frowning:
I really want to try to do it too, it’s a shame
Good luck

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