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I want a bigger reputation than I have now


So I thought of offering my services to 10 lucky buyers for free.


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Reply to @vedmak: Yeah, I’m considering doing a free service for making thumbnails pictures for people’s profiles.


If you can do me a great lovers eCover for my dating eBook/s I’ll give you a terrific review. I mean just the picture not the 3d

If yes how much & if yes for free how could I leave a review?

I’ll buy a lovers picture $5 from you & leave a review


Reply to @scriptwizard: I’d love to do an ecover for you! Would there be anything specific you’d like in this cover and do you have a specific size you’d like it to be? I can easily come up with something if you don’t have anything specific in mind. :slight_smile:


Reply to @scriptwizard: Now I was thinking of the whole review thing myself. Do you have a blog or anything of that sort of thing that you write for?


Reply to @sleepypumpkin: The cover size isn’t necessarily important as I can edit it but 625x1000 is good, nothing smaller. I need a couple holding, gazing or similar (you know, with them adoring big eyes for each other) the couple being the central feature the rest up to you (& no furies).

I occasionally write articles for “Promotional World” but they are real fussy about subject content & quality of articles (very strict), otherwise I write other people’s blog articles & don’t have a blog myself (I don’t like Wordpress).


Reply to @scriptwizard: I’ll get right to work on it. :slight_smile:


Reply to @sleepypumpkin: Do you want me to order it & if so, which of your gigs would you prefer me to order from?


Reply to @scriptwizard: Only if you want but if you did order it would be best for you to order this one.


Reply to @scriptwizard: Also sorry about the delay in response. Fiverr wasn’t working for some odd reason.


Reply to @sleepypumpkin: No worries I just made the order & responded… Read my message there!


It will be great if you can do me an avatar for my account.

Thank you in advance


Your book covers are really cute!


Reply to @armer: What type of avatar did you have in mind?


Reply to @teenytinypress: Thanks :slight_smile:


@sleepypumpkin a simple chibi man :slight_smile:



@sleepypumpkin I’ll love an avatar too.

Maybe a cartoonish image of a dwarf soldier standing on some stacks of dollars.

The height of the money’ll be tall enough to make the dwarf a giant (buh am not in anyway a dwarf!) I’ll use your image as my avatar and advertise it


Reply to @armer: Sorry I haven’t gotten to your avatar. I’ve had some things come up but not I’ll start working on it. Thank you for being patient. :slight_smile:


Reply to @vedmak: I’ve been busy, but I’m working on your avatar too. :smiley: