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I Want a 'Block a Buyer' Feature


After dealing with some buyers I never want to see again, I would love a block a buyer feature. I hate feeling held captive by a buyer who’s running you ragged and milking everything out of you they can possibly get for $5, out of fear that I’ll receive negative feedback. In the real world, you really don’t want EVERY customer. I’d love to see a ‘Block a Buyer’ feature.


I would love that feature as well.


me too!! same problem with a buyer.he order several times my gigs from month to month but he don`t send the instructions.and I was forced to request support customer to cancel the order and this way affect my stats…


Reply to @bachas85: I’ve used the “report” button a few things, but I was still able to receive messages. So I don’t know if that’s a bug or if its because I’ve responded to their messages previously.


Reply to @musiclover: Same thing with me! I still receive the messages after reporting. How annoying.


Reply to @bachas85: Yeah I may have too. Thanks.