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I want a Clarity Call

Hi there - I would like to have a clarity of the brief call with the people whom I am thinking are worth working with - I cannot decide how or whom to select without speaking to the possible freelancers.
I don’t want to work outside of Fiverr at all, I just want a call and NOT a message …
How can I go about this?


Fiverr is a text-based environment. If you can’t find a way to write correspondence clearly and successfully, you will hardly ever have any success on Fiverr. 99% of the orders on Fiverr are completed via text without ever seeing the client in face and without knowing much about him or his company. I think this generally goes in favour of Fiverr’s system.

However, you can provide your videochat username if you keep all communication on Fiverr and you wish to have a videochat with people. That’s as long as you don’t try to convince people to work outside of Fiverr. Of course, Fiverr won’t be able to syndicate this, but if you overuse your videochat username, they might send you a strike.

I would suggest getting used to the text-based environment unless you are doing extremely large projects which require a lot of brainstorming.



I have absolutely NO intention to take it out of the Fiverr world, and would never - I just want to talk it through as this is something I have never done before (and sapp development) … I am nervous …

You could contact several sellers via the message system or place a buyer request.

Or maybe add “consulting” to your gig search.

edit: For this I meant that any messaging would be on Fiverr. Either through the inbox or an order page.

There’s no feature on Fiverr that would allow calling.

Any direct contact with sellers (for example, via S*ype) is only allowed after the order was placed, and only with sellers who have obtained the permission from Customer Support to use that specific type of direct contact.