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I want a logo that i can use. I don't want to get ripped off

How can I achieve this seemingly simple transaction? I want an actual graphic designer to take my concept into account and design a simple logo. For that I am willing to pay. I don’t want to start an order only to find out that the seller knows nothing about design.

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That’s why you have to look at their samples. If their samples look somewhat similar to what you are looking for then you purchase from them.

If you want the seller to know, just contact the seller before ordering. Simple like this.

If only that were true. I venture to say that the samples are not original creations in some cases.

I think this is directly associated with any previous bad experiences you’ve had so far.


You could pick the Apple logo designer - I think he charges $10,000 as a Pro seller. :slightly_smiling_face:


You look at their samples, their reviews. If their reviews are good, then there is a high probability that their samples somewhat match their work. If their reviews are poor, then chances are they are not original.

I contacted a seller and documented my idea. Their reply made no mention at all of my idea, only that that would like to work with me.

No way lmao I want to look him up, what’s his username?

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Just do a search for Rob Janoff :wink:on Fiverr.

That’s insane. I guess Fiverr is starting to get pretty big.


So is not the place to look for logo design? What services do you recommend finding here?

Buying a logo on Fiverr is a hit or miss. :grimacing:

Although, I’m sure there are many qualified Sellers on this platform. Finding them is like deep diving for pearls, they are hard to find.

Personally, I’ve never purchased a logo and not planning on it either. I would suggest if you do order a logo when the Seller delivers the order. Do a reverse google image search. You’d be surprised to see how many use free templates and just do a little tweak here and there. Complete rubbish! :expressionless:

Lucky for me… I can easily create my own logo and not to depend on others to do it for me. Coupled with the fact that I’m extremely picky!


Im happy to do your logo for free, im pretty new to the Fiverr experience so I would struggle to get any ratings without a bit of free work.

The logos on my profile are all my own. Do you have a brief ready prepared? If so PM me

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Free work does not get you any ratings. The buyer has to pay, you deliver , and then they can rate you if they wish.

Check the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.


Yeah, fair dos, the minimum on the basic package was “$5” i understand that now. Thanks for highlighting that for me - is this a good opportunity to ask how is best to get a few gigs under my belt - “Logo design” seems pretty saturated. is it best to be more inventive with my gig offering and try to niche like with any other market place? just keep uploading art work? or just play the waiting game - sorry if wrong thread im just here now innit

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If you make your own post asking for help under the category Improve My Gig you should receive helpful replies.

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ta mate, have a lovely day

If you want to play it safe go with a leveled or Pro seller. If you’re open to options do a search for gigs that are within your budget. If you see promising results, pick one that comes close and order a test gig to be certain. You could also post a request in Buyers Request.

The seller I mentioned does sell on Fiverr - his gig costs $10,000 - he’s a Pro seller.