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I want a new relationship. What kind of person is best for me?

Hey guys, I broke up with my boyfriend and i want a new relationship, what kind of person is best for me know?

any psychic reading experts can help?

all advices will be helpful

Hi, Im no psychic but my advice to you is, if you want to rush into a relationship like this then it could mean that you are feeling alone and you only just want to escape the feeling of loneliness by using another person to fill the void. This way, your expectations from them will be too high and there is a great chance that it will not work out… I think you should deal with this loneliness by yourself first and when you are stronger, you will naturally find a bond with a mate that is equally strong and your love will revolve around clarity and trust and it will be strong and happy and you will grow together in a manner that is not symbiotic but very mutual! :slight_smile:

I would trust your close friends or your parents. People on the Forum have very little information about you. This would not be a good choice for getting sound advise.

When you ask the Genie about your future life partner, make sure one of your 3 wishes is “I want his name and phone number?” Would that use 1 wish or 2?

Get a dog…my wife reminds me that all men are jerks. :slight_smile:

Get a cat. My dog reminds me that men and dogs are really messy. :wink:

Get a fish. Cats go outside at night then come back in the morning, and don’t tell you what/who they’ve being doing.