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I want advice 'from everyone on how to get the first job

I want advice 'from everyone on how to get the first job.


I also want advice from everyone…


Please update your Gig details by selecting the best keywords. Make an eye-catching gig image and optimized it on-page. Try to be online and respond faster when the buyer massage. @kotha94 and @dc_builder



I also want advice from everyone…

I have already done all of this. But still now no buyer response…


Never share your gig with unnecessary groups because they are not your potential customer. Social users will click your gig but not purchased. Fiverr always improving gig statistics. if the gig will not be sold as click then your gig also falls down.

I hope you both gues the topic!

@raahmat and @kotha94


If you are a new seller and struggling, why are you suggesting tips? How do you know if they work?

Besides, most of what you said aren’t tips, but obvious common sense (attractive images, good copy and tags, etc. - there’s no need to even say that). As to “create at least more than 5 gigs”, that doesn’t make any sense. Make as many gigs as you think you need according to your skills and niches/markets you want to target. There are very successful sellers with 1 active gig. There are sellers failing hard with 7 active gigs.


Sorry for that. I deleted my post. Thank you.

Fiverr always inspire us to share our gig’s in social platform. We should be careful and avoid to share gig with unnecessary groups where there will be less amount of chance to find potential customers. But Sometimes, This will work if we use this method properly. Thanks for your suggestion.

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Welcome FIverr. Best of luck.
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