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I want an advise about my gig


hello every one!
i am new here. can you give me some advise that how can i will be a part of this biggest platform. and how can i get orders, and please check my gigs is there are any problems just let me know, i will be very thankful to you.

waiting for every response. thanks


Must online and daily sent buyer request


Active online 24/7 and sent daily buyer request.


You can add the main image on 3rd portfolio sample on I Will Draw Your Detail Photo Cartoon In 24 Hours gig. A before/after image can improve you gig appearance. Too many highlighted section on I Will Vector Trace Your Logo Or Graphics In 1 To 8 Hours gig. Better you reduce some.

So far nice gig set up. Try to stay online maximum time as you can. And apply on appropriate job requests on Buyer Request section (if any BR avilable for you). Good Luck with sells.


Hello friend, be active always and reply your message immediately.