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I want an employee letter from Fiverr



I want a letter from fiverr in which it is written that I work for fiverr and employed as a video editor.
Because wherever it is needed, I don’t have any proof where I am a freelancer.

The dilemma I faced: for opening a bank account and taking flat on rent or hostel.

I hope this time fiverr solve my problem except saying we don’t give this!

Warda Hamk!


Hi @wardaahamk

You are neither an employee nor work for Fiverr. Being so, sorry, but no letter. You will need other ways to solve your problem.


This is what makes being a freelancer quite difficult. We’re not employed by anybody, which means we’re not guaranteed an income. For that reason, landlords and financial institutions are quite wary of us.


You can call yourself as an independent professional in that field. Then you can I think can open a bank account. Tell them you work for many different clients via some well known platforms. I never call myself as a freelancer. I am a social media entrepreneur.


The problem with real world institutions and real world issues to be solved, is that you need real world solid guarantee. Virtual world has no weight at all as it’s hard to prove.


Anyway, my mini rant above didn’t really answer your question, OP.

You said you need evidence you’re a freelancer. Can’t you get a statement from your PayPal or Payoneer account listing payments you’ve received from freelancing sites? That’d be pretty conclusive proof you freelance.


Agreed and It aslo depends where you live too.


Your best bet is to offer income proof which you can obtain from PayPal or through Fiverr invoices. You can export your data and make a very nice document that is accurate and valid. As others have said, though, you are an independent contractor so Fiverr cannot help you since you don’t work for Fiverr and you aren’t an employee of Fiverr. To be an employee you would have to get an hourly or set-wage salary from Fiverr like a Customer Support agent. (In most cases that would mean working in one of the Fiverr offices in NYC, Tel Aviv, Miami, etc.)


To add for everything said above your best bet trot that (of course depending on a country) is to set yourself as self employed or a sole trader, fill your tax forms with your incone and that’s it. That will work for any rent agencies banks etc (of course depending on the amount that you are earning and how stable it is.