I want an Order In Fiverr. Where Is Real Buyer?


I am Looking For Buyer. Please Give me a opportunity To Help . I will Provide My Best Service. Thank You


Hey I’m looking for the same.


Where are you from? I am from Bangladesh


I’m from the UK. …


do Daily submit 10 buyer request Then you get order


How do you do that ?


I do that. No result. I am Expert in Email Creation Service. But Fiver Do not Publish My “Email create” GIG


What is a daily submit 10 buyer request


Click Selling and Go Buyer Request, there you will see Active Buyer request


Do gig marketing on social media


ohh yeah that looks good


Do you Find Buyer Request?


I did, do you know how I can bring up other catergories of buyer requests not just related to the GIGs I have up ?


i don’t know…i am new in fiver…


same here, would be good if could also get up buyer requests from other categories


do proper gig marketing! And respond properly in buyer request it will help to get order.


Work Hard, Take more time to Fiverr, Online Max Hours,
send daily Offers to Buyers Request, you will must get some orders,

i get my first order after three months of Creating Fiverr Account.
and Now 370+ Orders Completed in a Year


So normally it takes quite a while to get the first few orders


Promote your gig to social media, Send buyer request. Hope you will get sell soon. All the best.:bangladesh:


Thank You For you advice.