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I want an Order In Fiverr. Where Is Real Buyer?

Thank You For your Suggestion.

You need to reach out to your target customers, not beg for sales here on the forum.

We are not your customers.

i m not begging. I just want help. i am new in fiverr and i dont know how to sale more. So Be Positive.

You stated: “Please Give me a opportunity To Help . I will Provide My Best Service. Thank You.”

That IS begging. Don’t beg for sales. Do your research, learn about your target customers, and experiment until you find ways that connect with those customers. We are not going to do your work for you. YOU are responsible for finding your own customers. We are not your customers.

If you want to learn more about how Fiverr works, take some time to read the Terms of Service, Help & Education, and Fiverr Blog. Links to all three site locations are available on the bottom of any standard Fiverr site page.

Get busy researching. You have a lot of work to do!