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I want ask about warning remove

warning remove

i have active two warnings on my account .
any expert of fiverr who confirm me when these will be
remove ??


They will never be removed. One more warning and your account will be restricted.

However after 60 days roll out they would affect your “level” ranking anymore.

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So it is a 3 warnings limit that you have before the account is restricted ?

One person mentioned 90 days eg. if you have 3 warnings within 90 days it can get your account suspended I think.


It in every case.
Sometimes if the violation is quite big then they might block your account right away after first warning.

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That’s what I heard too!

I agree with you, cause I’ve had more than 4 and they were due to charge backs do clients said I haven’t delivered the full product, while they requested revisions after confirming the delivery and reviewing it.

Are you sure it was “warnings”? Or that was just cancelled orders or chargebacks?

cancelled orders, where the funds were returned to buyers and received warnings after them saying not to deliver partial deliveries while I delivered full products.

I can not believe that …4 warnings ?..

2 violation and 2 TOS warnings ?

Or 4 warnings ?..

they’re all ToS warnings since the ‘do not receive a ToS’ always starts from 0…but it was a long in between when I received them!

Ok… Got that … :grinning:

So it depends on what kind of violation you did, lately lots of people get banned for simple reasons!

Please I just received my first warning, if I clock on confirm will my account be restricted?

Did you read what they wrote there? They are giving clear instructions as for what will happen.