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I want cancel an order

i want to cancel an order because in last moment buyer changes his mind and saying for more change i gave him 100 of revision but on last same result
i think it is a drama with me,


After your delivery time orders will automatically cancelled.
You can cancel it by self.

how it will affected on my account

If buyer take numbers of revisions then you have to report him.

Contact Fiverr Support.

His gig says “unlimited revisions,” so he can not report the buyer.

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I see you offer “unlimited revisions”, that is a mistake. The buyer will keep requesting revisions when you offer “unlimited revisions.” Offer a limited amount of revisions and charge extra for more.

If you have not delivered your order by delivery time and it automatically cancels you will get an automatic 1 :star: rating and your review rating will go down and your on-time delivery rating will go down too. :confused:

You can ask the buyer to mutually cancel, but you lose your :money_with_wings:.

If you cancel, your order completion rating will go down.

You could finish it up and hope you do not get a bad review.


If the buyer is not agreeing to cancel the order then contact Fiverr CS and they will cancel the order.

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Does it affect the account If Fiverr CS cancel the order ?

Yes, cancellation rating will fall down anyway.

My client is telling me to add some scene to the music video, that is really offensive.
Here are some words from his comment(quoted):
“include just one or two very sexy females—i want nudity—alot of touching—■■■■■■■■■■ can----a want MASERATI car----a shower scene.”

I don’t really want to work on this music video.
I really want to cancel the order.
Is there any peaceful way to do this ?

*Fiverr censored some words in my previous comment.

Understandable, and I can also understand why you want to cancel.

Sadly there’s no way to cancel without it bringing down your completion rates. Maybe you need to be really specific in your gig description as to what you will and won’t offer?

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Thanks for your help.

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Report to Fiverr CS as it is against the Fiverr TOS to have nudity in your work.


As in: “I will not break the rules (please see Fiverr’s Terms of Service), so don’t ask”? :slight_smile:

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Same thing is happening with me my client dont know what she wants I gave her lots of revisions and still she not satisfied.

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