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I want cancel my withdrawal to paypal


today i withdraw revenue to my paypal account but i want to cancel this transaction Please Help me

how i do that…support ticket opened but 40 hours reply and my withdrwal initialeted not complete yet or transaction failed


nop…i withdraw my old paypal account.its not accept paypal and they refund fiverr again.i dont know how its possible.


Did the money go back to your revenues


Please someone help meee


its done


What is done? Were you able to reverse it? I thought that when you initiate a withdrawl, you cannot undo it, there is only that clickable link saying to click here to finish it? You should come back and let everyone know if you were able to stop this and how, or if you were able to get your funds back in your Fiverr account by not clicking the link etc. I am sure others may have this question in the future.



Hi, is it possible to refund the money from PayPal to my Fiverr account? I made a mistake and chose PayPal instead of Fiverr card. I do see the option to refund in PayPal but I want to know if it will be truly refunded and how long it would take for me to have access to my funds. Please if anyone can help me I would be grateful…I need this money like now.

Thanks much


please can you be more clear about this please? I have issues with this paypal, I wanted to use a back card instead I use paypal and how can I cancel the withdrawal?


please what is done? have you been able to cancel withdrawal by paypal?


Hi guys please help me I didn’t aware of that my Payneer account is disable by InActivity and just give my card and send withdrwals Now there is nothing in payoneer and the withdrwl request and there is no option please hepl??/


You’ll need to contact Payoneer I’d think - nothing any of us here can do to help.

Good luck! :sunny:


I have contact and they are saying you need new card and now don;t know what to do?


Get a new card? Seriously - I have no idea - I’m sorry.


Here is what they says

Your Payoneer account has been disabled due to an extended period of

inactivity. In order to enable your account, you must first resume activity
in receiving payments from Fiverr, or any other company/website that pays
with Payoneer.
For instructions on how to receive a payment from Fiverr please contact them
directly. If you would like to receive payments from a company not currently
associated with your Payoneer account, please reply to this e-mail with the
name of the company and we will assist you further.
Once you receive a new payment to your Payoneer account, please reply to
this e-mail and we will assist you in having your account enabled.


its ok no problem i i will do something to get my old one


While the confirming the transaction it saything “You are account is cancelled” then there is anyway or i have not confirm yet then the money does not go back to fiverr? Thanks


Maybe you’d be better to check with CS?





Nope, what’s done is done.