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I want cancel order but buyer don't want cancel . He said if I cancel he will complain me on fiverr now what to do?

Hello I an facing new issue . A buyer send me msg inbox that he want redesign website . He sent me only old and reference site link and nothing any details so I sent him custom offer n he accepted . After acceoeted he sent me lots of details which are unable to understand . Also said I talk him on what up before start work . Then I though I can’t do his work send him order cancel request but now he said if I cancel order he will complain me in fiverr . please help me soon he given me 1 hours time . please suggest me what to do now ? Thanks


try to understand if you cancel this order he will got refund and then if he don’t understand you can contact support

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Why on earth will you send an offer without understanding all details on what your client will need???

But answering your question: it’s your right to cancel the order and there is nothing to complaint about to CS as your client is threatening you.


Talk with customer support

Hello now Buyer has cancel order and I have report n block buyer . Now should I need to contact fiverr support regarding this buyer ?

No, once you blocked the buyer there’s no chance of him/her to report about you, but if you have confusions then you must contact to the Customer Support and may be they’ll guide you.

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What I write to fiverr support ?

That is true. I think contact with customer support will be the best guide.

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Everyone is skipping this, but if this means what I think it means that you tried to talk with him on wh at s up then you could get a warning.

No outside communication.
So if you write to CS you could get warning or ban depending on how you suggested to communicate.


You could write the whole scenario, like what you wrote here and the they will tell you if you have any thing to worry about or not.

No but in my case he sent me his whatup number n said me to talk him but I don’t . So what your suggestion now when order has been canceled n I don’t said anything bad to buyer bit buyer said He will complain me because I m cancel His order . that was only happened with me so now what next I should do ? Please suggest . Thanks

I hired this gig because I was looking for additional lifestyle photos. I contacted the seller before ordering the gig. He said he could do the job, all he asked me to do is request all my images from my photographer in “.AI” format. I sent all images to him, and all he did is change the brightness of the photos, my images were perfect, taken by professional photographer, all I wanted is lifestyle photos. He only made me one unique lifestyle photo, the rest are all the images exactly as I sent them to him. Please revise my files. I would like my money back. He can charge me for one photo, but I cannot pay for the rest, since he did not do anything. Thank you. he declined my cancel I contact PayPal for money back today i will report to

Hello can you tell me which gig you purchase ?

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I paid 173$ to him and he didn’t nothing to my picture

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Oh so sad . seller should not do like that .

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