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I want create new account

I want to change my fiverr username. But it is not possible. So I want to deactivate my account. Now if I deactivate this id and open a new account, will I need to give new windows to my computer?
And if I open a new fiverr account, can I use the gig image and description of my old account in the new account?

Check with CS that this is allowed before you do it. Make sure they understand what you’re doing … or run the risk of having both accounts banned …


You cannot change your fiverr username once created. To do this, you have to CLOSE this account and open a new one with your preferred username.
you can use the gig images you created but you cannot use those of work you delivered using this account.

Please note that if you open a new account while this account is active, both accounts will be blocked.

Also, if you have earnings on this account it wont be moved to a new account so contact CS BEFORE you close this account