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I want delete my fiverr account because, I have not received any job order for 3 years. please tell me, will it be okay?

I want delete my fiverr account because, I have not received any job order for 3 years. I opened an account in 2017.
So I want to delete this account then Create a new same account in fiverr.
please , tell me, Your good idea.

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After 1000 days of no sales, don’t you think there is something more fundamentally wrong with the services you are offering?

Your four gigs: logo design, data entry, and two background removal gigs. These are without doubt the most overpopulated gigs on Fiverr. You’re competing with thousands and thousands of other sellers.

The pricing of your background removal gigs make no sense. According to your gigs, I can either pay you $5 to remove the background form 200 images, or I can pay you $10 to remove the background from one image.

So, what will you do differently if you start again? What services will you offer?


Don’t make duplicate posts.

I have no idea. just i thinking about my fiverr account problem… because i have not received any
job order for 3 years… can you suggest me, what can i do now?

3 years ? in one more 20 years will be okay :grin: :grin:

what can i do now bro? :disappointed_relieved:

You state that you are expert in marketing, Why don’t you use your skills to gain orders? :grin:

I’ve had a quick look at a couple of your gigs.

One title states “I will remove background 200 photos and cut out image by clipping path in photoshop” but then the detail of the same gig contradicts this and states you will only work on 15 photos for $5.

You have to realise this makes no sense and doesn’t give any confidence to a potential buyer. Will they get 200 photos edited or 15 photos edited for $5? Or should they pay you $10 for just one photo to be edited, which is another of your gigs.

Not only doesn’t your pricing structure make sense but in at least one example the gig title does not deliver on the promise of the gig detail.

if you start and again and make the same mistakes, then expect the same results.


I’ve already offered more than 50 link posts, but I haven’t received an order yet.

Ok, i understand, kindly suggest me, for how many photos, how many dollars can i offer?

That is only for you to decide.

ok bro, kindly you suggest me for that.

you can get some clients outside of fiverr and link them to your profil i will be bublishing the Blueprint how you can do that and acheave some sales on fiverr

Contract with support Centre

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Please answer me this:
a) do you have skill in Photoshop BG removal or are you using sites and online help and presets
b) do you have skills in logo design with inkscape, corel, illustrator and in PARTUM CONSILIO?
c) do you know how to prepare logo guidelines document
d) can you tell me in Excel how do we go into next line within same cell, or how do we move text into next row in the same cell
e) can you tell me how do we bold first letter in each row in Word using mouse and keyboard shortcut
f) what is currently the best program to transfer PDF to word without losing formating and image quality?
g) what program is the best for screen OCR?

If you know answers to all the above questions and/or posses all the listed skills, you could try to start over with a fresh account using the same GIGs with better images and descriptions.

Or If you do not know answer to even one of the above, you could open new account but only after you review your skills and abilities.


i like you anwnser to this !!! YESS !!

Why do you think it’ll be any different the second time around? You should contact CS and inform them to see what they say.

I assume you’ve tried to improve your skills or have better success on another platform within these 3 years. If not, I really don’t know why you waited so long in the first place.

A, Yes i know Photoshop perfectly. but background remove is very easy for me.
B, yes, i can create a logo using illustrator.
C, Yes, i have idea.
D, yes, i know it, Double-click the cell and Press Alt+Enter to insert the line break.
E, yes , i can. Ctrl + B
F, Yes. the program name is PDF to Word converter.
G, Adobe Acrobat is best

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thanks, I will try it