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I want everything for $5


Just saw this wonderful buyer request…

(Highlighted parts especially attractive)

So you want experience, reliability and all those things you listed for just $5? I am speechless… “I can’t wait to hear from you all” Yeah, right…

To all hip hop producers out there, very attractive offer, isn’t it?

This is the kind of client I would avoid like the plague.


The “Preferably based in West Yorkshire” is my favourite part of this.

Not even Yorkshire… It has to be West Yorkshire. :laughing:

Alas, I suspect we won’t be hearing this musical project any time soon.


people can be very strange I guess…


Sounds like he is feeling somewhat entitled to the best for the least due to being so fantastic. :blush:


:joy: this really made my day.


He forgot to say that he wants the moon and world peace besides that :smirk: