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I want fiverr to return my fund



My friend that told me about fiverr account has blocked 4 month ago and she want to withdraw his fund and she contact support but they don’t do any thing about it they don’t reply please how can she collect his money back


She needs to contact support using her original ticket. :slight_smile:

Funny your title says ‘return my fund’?


Are you sure that was her account? (Assuming that you just joined and your Fiverr Profile is new).


Great! :joy: That’s really Funny.


She is the owner of the account


When your friend has more than one account sometimes fiverr will not give the money from that second banned account of your friend’s.

So from now on your friend should only have one account. This will keep happening if she has multiple accounts.


You put “she” but then you said “his.” Is buyer male or female.


Is “your friend” you? :wink:

I ask, because there are a surprising number of people lately asking for tech help for “their friends”. It is so wonderful that people care so much about the success of their friend’s blocked accounts.


yes i agree with you :slight_smile:


Who’s funds? I don’t think there is a way that she can withdraw his funds if the funds are not hers.


Since this is all about your friend, please tell her to stop using VPN to mask her location. If she keeps on with her shady tactics, then she will surely loose this account as well.


If she will use multiple accounts at the same time, then I am sorry no one can help her.


@order1st just visit CS with the orignal username or email and open a ticket…CS wll surely help to collect the funds but the account will not be usable…