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I want help for increasing gig rank


I gave a gig on fiverr on 06 November which the impression was better than last few days. Two days after I published the gig, i changed the image and description of the gig, which may have resulted in my gig not getting the impression and click also.
Now, what can I do to get a good impression and click of my gig.

I would be very happy if you could help me😊

Thank you for stay with me :heart::heart::heart:


did you check your gig is active or not?

If you type “rank gig” in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the subject offering solutions you might like to try.

Check this out: New Sellers - Search your question … Get the answer Now!

Yes, I check my gig and it is active.

Thank you for your kind information.

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