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I want help please help me

I want the help of big brothers. before I accidentally create a Fiverr account with Facebook ID then deactivate that account a few days later. Then I open a new account and verify with my passport. 15 days after verification, the account is showing me disabled, what can I do now,



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You have been banned for having more than one account. Then you created another account to post here … which is a third offence.

Read the terms of service - there’s a link at the bottom of the main Fiverr site page. Delete the account you’re using.

Then email CS at, apologise for breaking the rules, tell them you’ve now read the terms of servic and won’t break them again … and then humbly ask them to let you create a new account.


No! this is not my 3rd account bro. This is the account that the Fiverr band has created
look at this username “kuyasa 18”

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A) I’m not your bro
B) The above is what you said.

Take or leave the advice given.


I’m sorry I didn’t mean it :pleading_face:

This is what you will get if you violate Fiverr’s terms. I hope you get your account back which is highly unlikely.
Please read the terms before taking your next step.


thank you :slightly_smiling_face: