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I want long term relationship with my clients


I am a Professional Graphic Designer and work as a Virtual Assistant too. I want a long term partnership with clients. I’ll do their task under a time


You can’t ask or force clients to engage in long term business relationships - only your clients decide if they want that, and they usually tell you if they do :slight_smile:

If I, as a client, see that my seller wants/asks to engage in a long term business relationship without me asking for that, I could easily see it as harassment or a desire to rob me. But who knows, maybe that’s just me.


I agree with @Woofy31 I think you shouldn’t force them. Instead you should think about implementing measures to improve your chances of retaining your clients in the long term.

Some ideas are:

  • Offer discounts on more than one order.
  • Practice Following Up exercises
  • Have a blog or social media site you update regularly where they can follow you.

These practices allow you to stay on the minds of your clients for longer. Helping you land their next business.

Hope you find this useful.
With love,
Antonio (MabsArts)


If you mean messaging them after the order was completed, that can be reported as spam.

Sharing personal contact information with buyers (like giving them links to your blog or social media, where they can contact you outside of Fiverr) is a violation of Fiverr’s terms of Service and probably the quickest way to get permanently banned.


I want long term relationship with my clients

Sounds creepy! :open_mouth:

If you want to build a good rapport with Clients, it should be fluid and not forced. Some projects you work on could easily be a one-time deal, sporadic and others ongoing. Don’t expect too much of your clients, the last thing you want to do is scare them away like that :clown_face: they call “IT”.


Following up can be reported as scam if it was not with a direct buyer. If the buyer contacted in regards to your services but dissapeared. You are allowed to send them a follow up message. I have gotten tons of orders this way.

As long as you do not try to get that sale outside of Fiverr you are good to go.


If you contact them, you can get reportd for spam, unless they explicitly told you to contact them.

That’s awesome, but it’s still risky, and could get someone in trouble if they do it.


I assure you it is not risky at all. If a buyer messages you, saying they want your services and doesn’t reply in say 3 days. You can send a polite message to remind them, this is known freelancer etiquette.

Be polite and respectful, don’t hassle, been here for years, done this for years. Never have my messages been reported as spam. Fact.