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I want more impressions and traffic on my Gig

Hey, I just recently joined Fiverr, I haven’t been receiving any orders on my Gig. Can someone kindly guide me how can I increase my impressions so I will start getting orders.

Increasing impressions will not get you sales.

Conversion is the key factor here and just getting more traffic won’t cut it.

Plus no one here can tell you what to do to increase traffic.

You get more traffic when fiverr deems your offering to be a potentially good performer. If your impressions are low, your gig is not good enough.

It’s a vicious cycle.


Hey thank you for your prompt response. Well that sure is a vicious cycle. But how can I increase my sales on Fiverr? I haven’t gotten even a single order yet.

Congrats for joining us! Welcome to the forum!

Here are some tips I recommend:


:point_down: looks like @frank_d already answered your question


Thank you for your response, I’ll check both the links you’ve shared.