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I want more orders who can help me to be?

I’m not new seller that I want get more orders. I don’t know what to do now. The result are not good at this time of year. There were no orders in April and May, in June, I’m very anxious.

Who can help me ?
Interact please.


Hello, I just join fiver few month ago but I got some order. I always try to send buyer request all the. And now if I send 5 request then 1 or 2 buyer response. So its help to get orders. Thank you

Thank you. I have send buyer requests too.But no buyer response

I have seen lots article in there they suggest how we can send buyer request. Its help me a lot.

OH! That’s good way. But I don’t even see a buyer posting a request.

Its depend on your gig category and the time. Because when buyer post job only then its shows in the buyer request. But if you are a level seller then you will find thousand of request all the time.

You are great man. few requests from buyer my account.

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