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I want more traffic


I have some simple gigs nothing extreme. I gear most of what I do twords men but I don’t know how to promote my gigs.


I’ve actually gotten quite a lot of tip on this if you want to give my discussion a look at, basically just use targeted keywords and promote promote promote your gig, whether it be through your personal social networks, buying fiverr gigs to promote it, or just using google ads or whatnot. Keywords really are the way to go, though. :slight_smile:


Apprentice, Is your spam so large to try and compensate for what you lack elsewhere?


Hi i have the same problem


You seem to be doing quite well already considering that you have only started 4 months ago. Of course, there is always room for improvement. So, your next step is advertising your Gigs. My favorite and by far the most rewarding form of advertising is through social media, of course you need to be part of many social networks and have a huge list of fans and followers (like I have built up over the years). I use them regularly and responsibly to promote my own businesses and Gigs with great success. In fact I have created a Gig especially to help other Fiverr sellers to use my services for that. You can check them out.

Apart from that, I also advertise everywhere I can think of, participate in forums and groups (including the Fiverr forum and LinkedIn group).

Hope this helps you wrightfantasy :wink:


promotion is built into fiverr, I dont mean being able to tweet/share your gigs but the sheer amount of traffic fiverr receives on a daily basis. The way to boost your exposure is to add videos to your gigs & make sure your gigs are high quality & original. your gig descriptions should be clear, thorough, and include work samples. I can help out. let me know