I want my first client


i want my first client for fiverr , i am so happy because here is a awesome client


Most of us on the Forum are sellers like you.


Some sellers are also buyers nonetheless


You’ll get one shortly. Stay tuned and work hard. Never loose hope.

All the best!


Yes, some sellers are buyers. I am one of them. However, I have never bought a gig from anyone on the Forum who comes to the Forum specifically looking to find buyers.


okay based on conversations I have had on the forum some sellers have received orders from people they have conversed with here on the forum.


This :+1:
I am very much hopeful


@gmanasseh Yes, that is true, I have ordered from Forum users that I have met and enjoyed conversing with on the Forum. Also, I have received orders from Forum users who for some reason like me.

However, I never said anything like, ”I am here to find a client.” Nor have I ever ordered from anyone who has done so.

I know there are those who advise that posting on the Forum is how to get work. However, there is a difference between posting and asking for Forum members to be clients and being friendly and helpful.

@shakhawatsarder Welcome to the Forum. If you hang around the Forum you will learn much about how to be successful on Fiverr.


And I… the sun, the moon and the stars but I can’t … :roll_eyes:


Okay, yes and I hope the other persons reading will take note of this.


@maitasun I have noticed you and your sense of humor on the Forum. :wink:


Hi @vickiespencer

Could it be my latin blood? :blush:

Joy makes people healthy :wink:


Thank you for the tips, will try!


brother Prove your skills.
then yo absolutely get not one but Many of Clients.
And Never Loose your Hope.


When you are a newbie I 100% understand that you want your first buyer, but it does take time and skills. When I say time, I’m not saying be patient and wait for that to happen.
You need to make sure you have the right skills and level of professionalism.
The first step will be asking someone to fix your gig description.

Logo designs are very competitive, you’d want to make sure that everything looks


Yep! There are almost 54,000 logo design gigs! :open_mouth:


Thanks everyone…i am so happy because every one support me…of course i succeeded one day.


Thanks for your response…sir


Thanks a lot sir…


Thank you…