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I want my first order looking at my gig

Hi I am looking for my first sell. Please help me out!


No one is here to get you a sale. If you want insights, please look through the forum. But none of us is here to help you make a sale. That’s your job.

And please rephrase things so that they make sense: “I want my first order looking at my gig” No one know what you’re trying to say and no buyer will want to decode bad English from a seller.

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Try to send buyer request. And always try to be active.

Promote your gigs in social media.

Hope these will help you to get your first sell

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Promoting gigs in social media doesn’t get sales.

No one gets business by posting their gig on social repeatedly. No one.

Please stop parroting unsubstantiated advice.

Your willpower and hard work will bring success :+1: Good luck for you… :heartpulse:

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i am also waiting for my 1st order

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So what do you prefer?

I prefer you to not say things that aren’t true. I’m not going to tell what you should say. If you’re going to post here, you should have that good judgment already instead of parroting incorrect things.


please improve your gig.