I want my gig featured


Hello, i am a professional graphic designer and level 2 seller. I want my gig featured. But there is no option to featured my gig. So please suggest me how can i featured my gig.
thank you.


There is nothing you can do to get your own gig featured. Featured gigs are chosen by Fiverr staff. A variety of factors help Fiverr decide what to feature. They may include things like very original/unique gigs, rapidly growing sales, amazing and one-of-a-kind gig images/videos, etc. If you are in a common category with gigs that are similar to many others, it is less likely that you will be featured.

There is a new program in beta testing where you can do paid advertising on Fiverr but I don’t know if they are still looking for people to join. There is a thread about it under Conversations but I don’t have the link handy.


Hi thanks for your advice

How can i get my gig to the homepage