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I want my GIG promotion

how can I get my first order and how to get buyer requests

Hi @nasim_akhtar,

I hope you’re doing well. I understand how you feel, because at the start I had to see buyer’s request in send them proposal if any job is relevant to me. After few days I started to get responses, done their projects and now I get request in my inbox.

It has been 59 days since I joined this site and I’ve completed more than 20 orders. I am hopefully about to get a level 1 seller status.

So don’t loose hope, try to check the request portion see what kind of requests are there, if not related to your field then you maybe need to edit your gig for the correct category.

Always learn new things to increase the scope of your service.

Best Wishes. :slight_smile:

thank you #techno_sol your response is very encouraging.

please can u help me to get my first order