I want my money back all the Fiverr gigs but one were either cancelled or horrible work done


I demand my money back. Fiverr does not even have a CONTACT US to contact you OWNERS of Fiverr are all thieves and liars and robbers of my money. I have now lost about $175USD the last Fiverr worker said he dropped all his work and cancelled all his paid for gigs so he and his ‘team’ could focus on ME. LIES all i got was the same Photoshopped image 2 times the one i told him when he sent to me that I HATED and so he creates TWO More exactly the same. Now i have $100 on the books of Fiveer i NEVER wish to use Fiverr again for all i do is waste time and money and all all work dont has been horrible or cancelled and i suffer and Fiverr makes a ton. I HATE YOU FIVERR And i tell everyone about how awful you are on my you tube channel on my Blog Talk radio show and all the websites that WARN people of SCAMMERS like you are. I DEMAND MY MONEY BACK you are NOT people that can be TRUSTED…cheaters and rob trusting people of their money and all my gigs cancelled so i have lost so much money for i never risk using your Fiverr people again. This will go out for all to see on my You tube channel which is popular as is my Blog Talk Radio show also popular and to all my friends word of mouth is excellent way to make or break you. Sure a lot of ppl will continue with Fiverr but I promise you you will lose a lot of business just by my complaints i see i am far from being alone. Everyone hates Fiverr you lack best business practices SHAME on you FIVERR.


This crappy image was the awful one this Fiverr guy sent to me as just a sort of example of what he could do. I told him the background of this image which was something i sent to another Fiverr NOT to use as background but as colour chart and NOT to be used for anything but a guide to colours i wanted and he chose to put this same girl in this pic so i sent his horirble pic´telling this fiverr guy that this is what I did NOT want done for the one the other ´Fiverr did had ´big black spirals and i told him NO SPIRALS and NOT THIS IMAGE i had said i wanted her to be a mermaid i told him i wanted her to be a parkour girl i told him to put her in a sensual bed and what does he do…he MOCKS me by sending me THIS SAME UGLY IMAGE that i told him again and again i HATED just as i had told the other Fiverr guy i wanted used the pic which then did not have the girl in it but he put her in it when the pic was to have been just a colour guide he KNEW that i had a fit when he did this he cancelled due to this awful pic so i sent this to the last guy who i told i hated it just again i told him what NOT to do and so of course he DID use it twice i paid $90USD for this and i told him so many times …look if u cannot create a mermaid if you cannot create a parkour girl then let us just cancel the work i send him tons of mermaids but no and he so free as he cancelled all his PAID gigs so he could focus all his time and his TEAMS time on ME ME ME what utter RUBBISH no one cancels two other paid peoples gigs to work on one person i thanked him told him pls go work on others and just give me one you obvioulsy incapable of doing the work he said so and so he sends me ugly image i told him i hated it when he sent as a rough draft so he mocks me makes it twice the same awful thing i told him what i was looking for in long detailed messages i have done this with 4 or 5 other Fiverr workers all have either cancelled well they all cancelled except this guy whó did a silly silly NON EXPERT PS image that is a real joke i can cut and paste copies of all the correspondense between this guy and me and you will see i am in the right i told him PRECISELY what i wanted an PRECISELY I TOLD HIM NOT ANYTHING LIKE THIS IMAGE HE CREATED IT REALLY DISAPPOINTS ME THAT that the Fiverr organization is such a very dishonest companyy.


On the main website, click on your user name and scroll to “help.” That’s how you find customer service. Submit a request is link at top right - you can open a ticket to talk to them. Sorry it didn’t go well.


Hello Emily,

I’m sorry you have had such a poor experience, but bachas is right. Don’t complete the gig, cancel it and report to support@fiverr.com.

I am a glamour/fashion retoucher and compositor in the real world; if you would like to have a professional and genuine industry-standard experience, please message me via my gig and let’s see what can be done to help you and get you sorted out :slight_smile:

Best regards,



Wow, IMO that IS a horrible graphic! Emily, the other folks here have given you some advice and offers for help. I hope you’ll find a resolution that suits you, perhaps a professionally done image with Candi. I know you’re angry, and understand why. Please know that most Fiverr sellers genuinely work hard to satisfy buyers’ requests and want to have a satisfactory experience with each buyer. I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience, but maybe that can be turned around. I hope you’ll give it a chance…


emily1950, If you communicate with sellers in a same manner as your upper posts I’m not surprised you are not getting what you want. Especially the second post, where you completely forgot about punctuation. You know that one comma on the wrong place may screw your order completely?

I don’t like the attached picture, but to be completely fair, I haven’t seen the original task description either (who knows, may be the seller did exactly what was written).


Fiverr is platform for thousands of individual sellers. Not a workplace full of people.

It’s important to choose gigs carefully, and message sellers before you order a gig and make sure they understand exactly what you want before placing an order.

You’ve clearly been mucked around by a rotten egg.


This is so sad, not all the sellers here are the sellers you encountered. I actually registered here trying to do what I love doing and get paid for it, but of course with good quality and assurance that my buyer is satisfied. Besides, it’s not just about the money, it’s about the quality of your product and the knowledge you acquire from doing it. That’s why it’s even harder for us newbies to get clients because buyers are afraid to try when seeing a post like this. I hope you resolve this issue sooner.


I hope you resolve this issue sooner.


Fiverr just provides a place for sellers to offer their services. They charge a commisson for sellers to use that space, but other than that, each customer is responsible for their choose of seller. I’m sorry you had this experience but I doubt you will get a sympathetic ear from Fiverr.

One thing your post has in common with other complaints I read over the years, they always threaten to spread the word that Fiverr is a scam site on their blogs, websites, or whatever, That threat has been going on for years yet Fiverr keeps growing.

celticmoon said: Wow, IMO that IS a horrible graphic!

I thought the woman in that picture looked just like an angel with a beautiful aura. I guess I shouldn't ever offer graphic design gigs. lol. :)


But yeah, to reiterate…it isn’t Fiverr that’s handed you a graphic that wasn’t up to your expectations…it was an individual seller. None of us are employed by Fiverr and they don’t claim to audit the quality of our deliveries.


Reply to @typingservice: You didn’t think the woman in the picture looked like she just discovered her butt is square and the world is being erased around her?? ~lol~


Good point. Fiverr is just the platform bringing buyers and sellers together. But when you’re upset, it’s easier to just lash out at the biggest target, sometimes. Hopefully once tempers settle, common sense will prevail~


I never heard from Emily but I hope she got herself sorted. A lot of anger and negativity there that doesn’t need to be carried around for any time.




Reply to @celticmoon: Reply to @celticmoon: Dearest Customer, You will be happy to know I offer one free revision. Here you go and thank you for your business!


that is some pretty bad graphic designing on the picture.

She did not do her research properly.


I dunno, everyone blaming her for not doing her “research” ignores the fact that there are some top sellers doing absolutely terrible work.

I got a “Professional” Press release written and gave him a decent amount of info to work with, keep in mind he’s done over 20,000 jobs on fiverr.

There were a complete lack of basic capitalization, grammar, and repetitive sentences.

At first I just edited and sent it back to him because he’s supposed to put it in a video form and also release it to publicity sites, but now I just feel upset at how terrible the quality was.

Telling the user to just do their research ignores the fact that most of us are doing the research and top sellers are doing a mediocre job, heck I supposedly have a project that is supposed to be delivered today and the guy hasn’t communicated at all.

Asking questions is great and all but when top sellers turn out a mediocre product there is something wrong.


Reply to @kornilov: Agree with you, that’s also what I thought when I read the post.