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I want my money back fiverr!

Fiverr is such a joke. I used to love fiverr. I made a job request to fix some issues on my website. I choose a seller, paid and the order started. I asked the seller if he had any questions, because I know he would have, since I didn’t gived him all the small details. He said to me he didn’t had time to chat when working and he separates is relationships from work! “sorry madam, I can’t chat with you, I am working” This was his answer! I canceled the order saying that was harassment. He declined and said the order was done. But ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is done on the site. I sent so many tickets to fiverr, no-one replied. I am so nervous, so sad. It was 100$ and I want my money back, but I have no support from fiverr. What is going on??? If someone is rude and lie, committing fraud, Fiverr don’t give your money back? I am so disappointed, behond words.


Just cancel the order with the seller. Don’t go through Customer Support. The reason they are slow getting back to you is because other people are also sending ticket after ticket. And you’ve created a longer wait time for the person queuing behind you.

Next time choose a seller using the search function and pick someone with some good reviews. Unqualified, desperate sellers all flock to the Buyer Requests because it’s the only way they can get orders. I’m not saying all sellers there aren’t qualified, I’m saying it’s where all the unqualified sellers DO go.


Thank you! I can’t cancel the order, since the seller didn’t accept the cancelation. I tried to cancel again, but it doesn’t let me… I am stuck.


OK, in that case, don’t panic. Keep sending cancellation requests, and wait for customer support to get back to you. They will eventually - there is just a huge queue of tickets right now and not enough staff to keep up. The wait time is 7-10 days I believe.

However, I don’t doubt at all that they will refund your money. The funds will be returned to you, you just have to wait.


Just an Update: Fiver closed 2 of my tickets. Just closed, no reply, nothing. No money back, no banned seller, nothing. Just silence and closed tickets. why would Fiverr do this? I opened a dispute on Paypal to get my money back. I feel embarrassed to have to do this! I have no words, just…unbelievable. I will get my money back, I will, I don’t care if I have to spam Fiverr to death to get what is mine. I also don’t care if they have less Staff. So many people unemployed, give people jobs. But Fiverr have no right to retain my money without answering me. The seller did not made anything on my website, was rude, I cancelled. This should be the end of the history with me getting my money back. It was been 5 days and all I got was some closed tickets on support. I will never, everrrrrrrr buy anything on Fiverr again!!!



2 days ago i had a very bad experience with a buyer. I will do everything as order requerment and i send her order delivery. after 2 days she changed login access and send me order cancel request when i decliend cancel request she want partial refund but i am not agree because i am done everything as order requerment. few hours letter she complain against me to fiverr customer support and fiverr team canceld my order and am get a warning. after canceled order i will contact customer support . support team reply my request 40 hours letter and said need 10 days to check this issues.


Sorry you have to go through the headache of getting your money refunded. Keep it in mind that a PayPal chargeback will likely get your account banned. I do understand you are upset, but when feeling this way you should try to curb your anger especially when sending emails to the people who are suppose to be helping you.


If you sent more than two tickets (and it seems like you did, judging from the OP), they could possibly close the excessive ones and now are taking their time to investigate your case. I understand your frustration, but please try giving it a few more days. CS doesn’t just ignore tickets regarding $100 purchases and they typically side with the buyer.


First of all welcome to fiverr community.
You should consider opening only one ticket for one issue and if you need to contact CS again regarding same issue you can add comment(s) on the same ticket. So one issue one ticket makes a lot of sense not only at fiverr but with any CS.


I agree with @alyonagrapie - it is likely they are closing your duplicate tickets and investigating your request. Please stop spamming them with new tickets :persevere: I know you’re frustrated but the wait time is 7-10 days and you’re making it worse.


Hello everyone. Thank you for the replies. I didnt knew I could get banned for opening a dispute on paypal, I just did that to have my money back. Anyway, I still dont have it. The last days I asked to cancel the order again with the seller, he didnt accepted…again. The support answered me, made me a lot of questions about the work that the guy did on my website, I replied with proofs that he did nothing, they said to me they would talk with him, bla bla bla. This back and foward is a waste of my time and energy. I dont hear from Fiverr for two days now and the order was marked COMPLETE!. How is this possible??? This is a nightmare. Just want my money back, how is this so hard to do? I ordered, the guy was rude and did nothing, I cancelled, the end!

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Not sure how was he rude exactly… you mentioned that you didn’t gave him all the details ( it’s not his fault for this ) When you place your order you actually have to give all the details … If he said that he is busy because he is actually working on the order it’s not something necessary bad . I am not sure if he lied or commited fraud as well , we as users here can’t know that , it’s your word versus his word and as we all know …the story has 2 sides … always


Sorry but she said that she cancelled the order and he did not accept??? Quite sure that it is fraud

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how exactly would that be fraud ? A seller can decline a cancellation request


how could you know that ?

this is against the TOS , reading the rules might help


Sorry to hear that it’s bothers you . But, if you don’t plan to send all the details at that time, you should contact the seller before ordering , and ask if he/she can do it or not . Most sellers afraid to get order cancel , because it will lower their gig rankings ( that happening sometimes ) by cancelled . Because you did the mistake at first ---- Play the order without details .

Also, you try to cancel the order after he told you " He can not chat this time because at working " ? So do you hope that when you send a message, he must reply to you immediately without any delay ? I think at lest you should wait till he/she get time to reply you , because most sellers not only work for one buyer , or they had other kind of day time job , etc …

And the seller should not complete the order if he/she didn’t work on it , but who knows , he/she already work on it or not, you have to keeping cool , and check something out on your website …


About the details, I am gonna try to explain: I sent a worksheet with everything I need done, but it is very complex to explain everything on a worksheet. It needed to be explained on a dialog, on the chat. I don know if its making sense. That is why I approach him on the chat, two days after the order started, because I knew there would be some doubts. The minute I tried to approach him to share my vision of the work he said he doesnt have time to chat, because when he is working he doesnt have time to relationships! I felt like I was on Tinder! anyway…he never did nothing, quite easy to prove…the site is exactly the same…I have nothing to hide…and Fiverr still doesnt offer a solution, and all I see is a “complete” order, like nothing is goind on…I am starting to loose the faith I am going to see my money back…

Honestly, I feel that, if the worksheet needed a discussion, you would’ve been better off having a dialogue before or paying for the seller’s time for a consultation. The seller definitely didn’t handle things with the smoothest language, though (could be a barrier there). I hope you get your money back since he didn’t fulfill the service.


how can you tell… I am curious

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