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I want my money back fiverr!

I suppose that’s an assumption I made since she said “absolutely nothing” has been done on the site. Possibly a wrong one now that you’re saying that… :no_mouth:

we can’t really know , we can only decide if we trust the OP or not most likely support will solve this but we as users can only guess what happened , we don’t have both sides of the story

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It was either a mistake or they don’t like they way you talk to them.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get your money back. I’m just saying you’re being hostile with them and not communicating the issue clearly.

All you had to say was something like “The seller submitted an empty delivery”.

“Did nothing” doesn’t actually explain what happened and could easily be misinterpreted.


I dont get wihy people are doubting what I say about not delivering anything done. I have all the proofs, I have the chat conversation, the empty delivers. I also sent to fiverr the worksheet exactly has I sent to the seller. I went trough all the points I asked to be fixed on the website and added a url to the website page, where Fiverr could see that what I asked for, was not done. I have nothing to hide, and honestly…I have so much work to do, I dont have time for false accusations and drama. But 100 dolares is a lot of money for someone who is just starting like me, and is unfair that a seller that did nothing just keeps the money. I dont know if I mentioned, but I didn’t just cancelled the order bacause he said he “didnt had time to relations on the chat” but also because the guy said that the work was done ans complete, exactly as I ordered. I saw that nothing was done. Since I was already nervous with his previous approach I just cancelled. “Why did you tried to speck with him?” No way!! Two days wihtout a word, I ask him if he has doubts, he says he have no time for relations (come on, this is not normal) and the order is complete. What is there to say??

Anyway, its been 13 days since the order was placed, I still don’t have my money back.
Could someone say to me if I can share print screens of the order? You guys could check the situation if you are curious, but I dont want to violate the TOS.

No worries!
Fiverr will help you to get your refund.
Just wait for their reply.

No one is accusing you of anything.

We’re saying you haven’t explained the problem correctly and thus haven’t made a solid case.

You’re expecting Fiverr to deduce that “did nothing” means the delivery was empty. That’s not even what that phrase means and you’re rambling on in monologues.

Skip the drama and stick to the facts of the case. Then Fiverr will help you.

All you had to say was that the delivery was empty or incomplete and then prove that.

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then support will help you out ,they are the only ones who can check what you’re saying

When you place an order, Fiverr shows this:
“The buyer agreed that the information provided is accurate and complete. The buyer is aware that any changes, requiring your approval, may be subject to additional costs.”

For example, I don’t want to chat with the customer after an order is placed either.
I’m happy to update them, if the order takes more than 3 days.
I need clear requirements, and I’m always ready to make changes during the revision process.

If he made an empty delivery, he must be punished. However, I’m not sure Fiverr will help you after requesting a chargeback.