I want my money back now [Closed - OP has left Fiverr]


i made an order with two different sellers, they could not complete the order and keep lying to me, then minutes before the
order was supposed to be complete they found excuses and cancel the order, i no longer require any service from this website as it seems it’s all a scam, i want my money back into my paypal account and not as a credit in my fiver account, what is this logic? answer me as soon as possible


Nobody on the forum can give you your funds back, we’re just sellers and buyers.

You’ll need to submit a ticket to Customer Support: https://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience.

As long as the orders were canceled, you should be refunded your payment. If you are still having an issue with this, please contact customer service here:


Best of luck.


Aaaaannnnddd he’s gone…


Impatient much? :smile_cat:


Reminded me of an old commercial:


oh it seems to be so funny, what if you were at my position? not so funny then huh ?


No patience, you need to be more patient OP


when you don’t have money, and your only few are in your fiver account without an option to withdraw them in your bank account then patience is not an option


If you really don’t have that much money, you shouldn’t be spending it on Fiverr.


this is not a topic to lecture me where to spend my money, it’s a topic that im asking if someone else had the same experience as me so i can resolve my problem as soon as possible


Yeah, and we’ve told you what to do.

But the point still stands. Need to eat, or need to hire someone to create a logo/write an article/whatever? I’d go for the food. Not much point taking out your hanger on us.


You obviously did a charge-back, hence your fiver account is no longer active.

What are you still doing here on the forum besides getting hangry on us?


It’s not his fault–he will have a low blood sugar level, and no money to buy some rice ‘n’ beans with :frowning: curse Fiverr and all of its scammers, preying on people with no money whatsoever!


In that case, he will need a 99c chocolate to boost the sugar level. Hopefully that is in the budget…


They have done me the same thing, and it seems fiverr has started withholding funds from buyers, which is STEALING…


Maybe you need to read Fiverr’s ToS.


Sounds like someone needs to sit down, have a cheese sandwich, and read Fiverr’s terms of service.

That said, I do think there would be a market for a name and shame website for Fiverr sellers and buyers. For good reasons, we’re not allowed to do this on the forum but for the sheer amount of complaints alone, a third party setting up such a resource would be sure to see some traffic coming there way.


the irony from you two is remarkable :joy: :joy: yeah make fun of me not having too much money and trying to find someone to help me in this situation i am in, i really hope you will be in this position one day so you will understand, and i bet you will cry somewhere asking for help

P.S my blood sugar is indeed low because i don’t consume any like you people that don’t even know what a gym is @emmaki @djgodknows :joy: :joy:


Where to start…where to start…

You get stroppy, everyone else is going to get stroppy back. Just saying.

And yes, other people have had orders cancelled and have asked for a refund using normal channels not channels that get their account suspended. Try searching the forum for the exact same discussion.

Then this might help: