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I want my money back!

I had the WORST experience using this site for the first time, cancelled my orders THREE DAYS AGO, and still have not received a refund. I have emailed support three times, received no response, and the phone number listed on my credit card charges is a wireless number with a disconnected/not in service recording. This is truly unbelievable that they are getting away with this with probably millions of people. Now I have to go thru the time and effort of disputing the charges with my Visa to get my money back. BE WARNED… DON’T USE THIS SCAM SERVICE!

Yes, it was not what I expected and I never got what I paid for. They can’t keep money for services not provided. I’ve already disputed the charges with my Visa and I will get my money back. I want nothing to do with this service so they can’t keep my money for “future use”. Funny thing is there is no one to call, no customer service, no response to email, nothing. And after reading this forum there are a LOT of unhappy buyers out there… guess I should have read that first.

Reply to @lisastar53: I see many buyer complaints too although I also see tons of happy buyers and have sold to quite a few myself. I have done some buying as well and so far my results have been good as long as I contact the sellers first. If they don’t respond, don’t communicate well, or are not professional - I don’t order. I made that mistake at first and it didn’t go well with a seller that never responded or a seller that referred to me as “bro” and spoke in text-speak when he did respond.

On the other hand, I’ve had some marvelous sellers respond to me, communicate very well, and the same ones provided me with products that were worth way beyond what I paid for them. I can understand your feelings, but in my opinion there are still excellent bargains to be found here.