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I want o cancel order of mistake and from a bad buyer

#Need_help please
I have been working in fiverr for a long time. Today an ********* was talking about giving a job. I used to talk less for his extra messages and nonsense behaviur , except for work. There is no information or picture in her profile so I think she is not safe. At one point he was asking for my personal information. I tell him direct that i’m busy with other work. If you like the sample that I give then talk about the work because I am doing other work.I just reply him some information because he want to know that I can do these work or not. Then I got out of the fiverr. After a while he call on my mobile. I don’t know where he got my number. When asked, he did not answer. Even after telling me not to talk outside of Fiverr. He repeatly asking me to contact with him on WhatsApp. I tell him don’t say that again. Unfortunatly I offerd him for the work. That was 300$ work.but it’s mistakly the offer show at 30$. I want to cancel this offer without minus rating. I know he don’t accept my cancelation offer.
Now the question is what should I do now? He already give me a work
Pleease help me.

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So, he accepted your offer here for $30 instead of $300? If so, all you can do is cancel and take the hit to your stats, do the work OR contact Customer Service and explain to them that you left off a ZERO on your offer and if they could cancel it for you so it will not affect your stats. Thing is, they may not agree to do that. Next time, double check your custom offer to be sure it is what you want to send. You would have had time to cancel or rescind the offer before they could accept too - if you had seen your error in time and resend with the correct bid. If he has not accepted the custom offer yet, you can withdraw it without any penalty and resubmit with the correct amount.

I think you are in a dire situation though, with this client - they seem creepy - trying to get you offsite, then finding your number and calling you? I would have NEVER even sent them an offer to work - I would have marked their messages as spam and blocked them. Also, when they mentioned off site contact, I would have said it is against the TOS instead of saying I was busy with other work.



kindly, clearly can you tell me what should i do> I can’t understand what should i do. PLease help
How I can contact with customer service and what i say there?