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I want order’s I do not have any order yet

Hello! I am new seller and I have no order can any tell me about this.

Hello and welcome aboard! It will take a lot of hard work and patience! What are you doing to promote your gig and services? There are tens of thousands of sellers on here. You need to find creative ways to reach out to potential clients and stand out from the others. Unless it’s by luck and chance, it’s highly unlikely a potential buyer will just stumble across your gig. Just like any business, it’s all about marketing and promoting what you have to offer. Then, when you start to get orders, it’ll be all about delivering the best product and service possible. There are no magic tricks, and it takes time. I have been a seller for six months. There were times I was frustrated and wanted to give up. It took me five long months to reach Level One status (one month ago), but now I’m already on track hit Level Two status at my next evaluation. Hang in there and work hard. If you do that, it will happen for you!:slight_smile:

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Thank you very much sir you give me advice and time.