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I want orders on fiverr. please help

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There are several things I can point out for you, but I can let you know for sure
that I don’t think should be offering writing and proofreading gigs.

For your proofreading gig, this is how your description starts:

** I will do ant task **

I’m guessing you wanted to say “any” task.
If you’re failing to proofread your own gig description, that is more than enough to
make buyers not want to buy your gigs I’m afraid…


online 24/7 and send buyer request continusly


When he will be sleeping then?

It’s definitely better to follow @zeus777 advice. It’s not an online sign that makes people buy from you but how precessional your gig comes across and with such a mistakes @mayakhalid yours doesn’t at all.


@mariashtelle1 You are right.

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Exjectly it is write talking

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