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I want refund order is marked as completed

I have a seller level one account and recently i placed an order but i am not satisfied with the delivery. I have accepted the delivery now i want refund. if i claim refund to customer care, will they refund me? if the order is marked as completed.

Why did you accept the delivery if you weren’t happy with it?

It says in TOS that you can not cancel orders based on your personal satisfaction or quality of the delivery.


I requested 3 revisions after i think it is some better and i accepted the delivery.
But i don’t need the poor quality work so i grant refund.

You accepted the delivery, the order is closed. You are not entitled to a refund. It’s over.


But fiverr give 14 days to buyer if he is unsatisfied he can cancel the order within 14 days.
because amount is pending for 14 days in the seller’s account

Most likely you won’t be able to get a refund in this case just because you accept the delivery by your self, and that delivery confirmation is also asking with the confirmation popup.

PS: It doesn’t matter what your seller level is, rules remains as rules for everyone. :slight_smile:


That is false. The terms of service clearly state buyers are not eligible for a refund based on satisfaction or quality of delivery. You can’t go to a restaurant, eat, and then say “I didn’t like it, I want my money back”. That’s not how it works. Otherwise anyone could get work done, and say they don’t like it for any reason within 14 days and get everything they want for free. That can’t happen.


No, you can cancel only if your seller broke rules. You being unsatisfied is exactly the reason that fiverr states as “non eligible reason”.

You can cancel your order only if seller broke rules and didn’t deliver files that was promised in his gig



Ok that’s helpful

yes! you are right mam

Out of curiosity, how would you feel if you worked hard on an order, made 3 revisions, the buyer finally accepted your delivery, you count the days until you can withdraw your funds and feed your family, and then the buyer demands a refund because they didn’t really like your work?


The delivery was entirely different i was saying to him that i want constructions based animated video but he made video to another different topic.
He was non serious to his job

Then you shouldn’t accept it on the first place.


And you accept it? Why? And you go through 3 revisions on something that is completely different than the order? Why?

None of this makes sense.


I was busy he said that he made now everything correctly please accept my delivery.

I maked as completed without review the work…

I thought that i will free after 7 hours i will review the work later.

He is saying true

Well, that’s your problem then. Don’t do that again next time. You are a level 1 seller. You should know how the platform works.


Which one is true? You didn’t review the delivery, or it was better after revisions (how, if the topic was completely wrong)?

I’m sorry, but your explanations are contradictory.

Perhaps it was a communication problem, if you were as unclear with your instructions to the seller as you are now when explaining what happened?


He’s responsible for his doings😂
He have to swallow the pill.

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Are you outsourcing this project on behalf of a third party client by any chance? Did you also pay a reasonable rate, or was this a very budget order?

In either case, TOS states clearly that refunds are not eligible based on whether you like the work you receive or not. You have also used 3-revisions and accepted this order as complete yourself.

Sometimes orders don’t go 100% as we would like them to. That is why it is possible to review sellers and say so.