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I want someone to give a better option to be good writer

Hi ! I new to Fiverr. want to get reviews my gig improvement. I am trying to follow all the steps and rules given by the Fiverr but still there is a need to get more suggestion about the topic.

I don’t entirely understand you post, but your title says: “I want someone to give a better option to be good writer.” I suggest a legitimate course in general English skills followed by a couple of serious courses on writing.

The courses should be geared for your genre and led by a teacher with fluent English and writing experience. Computer based courses rarely cut it for a professional.


thank you so much for your suggestion. Actually I am unable to get order yet. That’s why I am asking what should I do to get order

Good luck.



Many buyers asked me to give sample work of Article writing for paid task. I have given but at the end I was empty handed. There must be a solution for new sellers that if buyer is not placing an order and asking samples to give an order either paid or should be obliged.

If you don’t have samples, it’s up to you to fix that. There is nothing stopping you. Just think of your own ideas for articles that you can write well and then write them. Save all of them as a PDF. If buyers ask you for samples, you can.send those.

Fiverr already provides a platform. They don’t need to do more to help you. You help.yourself make samples and attract buyers.

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Thank you for your good suggestion