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I want suggestion from expert seller

Dear Expert Label 2 and top Rated seller.I thin that you are the real hero of fiverr. you know everything about fiver business.
would you please suggest me how can i get more order?
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As I don’t fit your requirements I will not be able to help you. However, I will be interested in the replies from the Level 2 and Top Rated Sellers.


I am a new seller of fiverr. I created my fiverr account one moth ago as a graphic designer and I completed 6 order with five 5 star review.
now I wanna know that
How can I get more order ?

I am sorry Raju, I would like to answer you but I am not a Level 2 or Top Rated Seller.


it’s ok dear Pacquo,
please give me some suggestion.
I waiting getting your suggestion dear seller.

Hey Raju!

I would like to share with you some tips how to get more orders but I’m not a Level 2 or Top Rated Seller so you can’t accept those tips.



Dang, I think you missed the mark here by adding labels.

There are some fine sellers in this thread, however, because of your preference.

Looks like you missed out, wait let me count…




People were willing to help! tsk,tsk, tsk :pineapple:


sure. I will must accept your tips dear seller.
please share your tips with me.
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Sorry Mam. actually I am a new seller of fiverr. I just joined at Forum today.that is why I don’t know about that I am afraid.

Bummer. I am not a Level 2 or TRS… so I cannot help you either.

Maybe, next time, don’t make these kinds of demands. Level 2 and TRS sellers aren’t going to make you instantly successful – no one will. YOU are the only person that can make you successful, and it looks like you’re not interested in working hard to build your success.

No one can help someone who doesn’t want to work hard to help themselves.

Read the forum, and you’ll find plenty of tips on how to become a better seller.


Well, sir! Lesson learned. Keep in mind sellers who are TRS and lvl2 can be demoted.
So labels don’t apply here. :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re doing good.

The choice of showing each delivery is nice: it helps the buyer to understand your style.

There are some grammar errors and misspellings in your Gigs.
For example, the name of Standard package of the “Commercial flyer and brochure within 24h” Gig is written as “STANDRAD”.

Written communication is important. Proofread every message before sending it.

You could consider raising a bit the prices of the “Basic” packages and set the number of revision to a reasonable number.
Unlimited revisions and $5 may increase the risk of attracting difficult or abusive buyers.

Don’t answer blindly to every request that appears in the Buyer Request section.
Some of them may be nasty. Take some time to analyze them.

Try to maintain an open attitude toward your fellow sellers.


Advice from a TRS is that you read the posts in the Tips for Sellers section.
The end.


Thanks Jonbaas for your replay.
I have got some tips from your replay. it’s enough for me now.
stay well dear.

Ok. I will follow your replay’s intention.

You too Poopsie-woopsie.

For the record, don’t call me “dear”. “Dear” is a term of affection. I have no affection for you. So, if you wish to call me “dear”, I’ll respond with an equally sarcastic term of mock endearment.

Be professional with those from whom you ask for help. You can do better than “dear”. My name is “jonbaas”. You can call me by my name.


Thanks a lot for finding out Grammar errors of my gig.
your suggestion is really important for me dear Pacquo. I am gonna raise and decrease my gig price and revisions respectably.
I will follow your tips pacquo.
pray for me please so that I can achieve my goal from fiverr.
Thanks again.

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Sorry Jonbass.
actually I am very emotional person that is why I usually make mistake.
pray for me please.

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Ok. I will read tips from seller section.

Best of luck :sunny: