I want the "Accept order" feature back! Come on Fiverr, show your sellers some RESPECT!


So I have had a buyer insulting me, this is clearly against the terms and conditions, I have asked support for help by blocking the buyer or at least monitoring his activity and removing the negative feedback, and they are now just ignoring me!

Not only is the review insulting me, it is also insulting fiverr itself!! Here is the link as proof:


(see the only negative review on there)

So I did some research and it turns out fiverr used to have a “accept order” button for sellers, and in my opinion I really NEED this button back. I think every seller should have this button, because everyones reputation could be ruined by someone just buying a bunch of gigs, leaving bad feedback and then getting a refund without removing the feedback removed! I am not going to outline how this can be achieved, in order to not make matters even worse, but (to be honest) it is very easy to do…

According to Fiverr staff, the feedback can only be removed it the buyer agrees that it can be removed! Even after the sale has been refunded!!! How on earth is this fair to the seller!?

So I am asking all my fellow fiverr sellers to leave a comment below this and just say that you want the “Accept order” button back, so buyers can’t scam you any longer! I think it is absolutely ridiculous that we even have to ask them to bring it back, it should have never been removed in the first place!

Petition mega thread for "PAUSE" or "REJECT" button for Sellers for Order Requirements

Wow what a jerk! I agree we do need that button back.


It’s a great idea but I’m not so sure it’d work, nor if it ever was an option. If I was a buyer, I wouldn’t want to worry about the seller accepting my order before starting it; I’d want my product ASAP.

For your current situation, I’d recommend putting a cancellation through. Yes, it means the money is refunded but so long as they accept (why wouldn’t they?), then the feedback will be removed.


I would love an “accept order” button or something similar just as another way to control the flow of orders. I do agree it would cause some issues for the buyers, however, if sellers weren’t very prompt in their responses. It could complicate an otherwise pretty simple system that fiverr’s got going, but I would sure love some more tools for pacing the orders.


Reply to @wegotshoutouts: I know right! Thanks for your support!


Reply to @deanstokes: Here is the crazy thing: the order is cancelled and the buyer has his money back! The only reason the review is still up there is because the guy is obviously not using fiverr anymore, so even though he got a refund, the feedback is still there! I have seriously lost all faith in fiverr because of this and the fact that they are now ignoring my request to remove the feedback. This guy signed up in December 2014, I am on fiverr since June 2013, I have 139 4.5 and 5 star reviews and I am being ignored by them. I do not understand what is going on really… without sellers, there would be no buyers, so in my personal opinion sellers should never be treated like this since we are the foundation of this website


totally agree, thanks for the comment!


I think an accept/reject button would be great. As far as buyers not wanting to wait, the button could have time limitations. As it is now, you can place an order with a seller, the clock starts, and then you wait for anywhere between 24 hrs to 29 days for the seller to deliver. If the seller fails (sometimes without even responding to you) you have to wait another 24 hrs to force a late cancel and accompanying bad feedback. It’s happened to me as a buyer.

If instead there was an accept/reject button that allowed the seller to be responsive, it should have it’s own timer. Giver the seller some amount of time (12 hours? 24?) and if the seller doesn’t respond then the gig could do an automatic mutual cancellation or forced cancellation or just disappear and start the usual delivery clock start ticking. Perhaps the buyer could then have a choice between auto-mutual cancel or auto-start clock. What do you all think?


It’s not a bad suggestion, and should really go into the Suggestion Box forum.


Reply to @fonthaunt: totally agree on all of that! even if the timer would only be 6 hours I would be fine with that, all I need to do is make sure the buyer has got a 5 star rating to make sure I never get a bad rating again


Reply to @scoban: good point, I shall make another post and put it in that category!