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I want this answer


Why Fiverr Show me “The new email you provided is either invalid or was used previously.”?



Because the new email you provided is either invalid or was used previously.



I would guess that either you made a typo, so it’s incorrect, OR (and this seems more likely), your email address WAS used before. Have you EVER had another account, using the email you’re trying to use?


No,It is my new email!


I have no account of this Email!


How can I know that My gmail is invalid? Please help me…


The probability that you have a 100% exact email of someone else is near to 0
There is nobody in Fiverr Staff sitting there and answering every time "The new email you provided is either invalid or was used previously" … that’s an automatic answer because:

The new email you provided is either invalid or was used previously

Check that out, and if you believe it could be a bug, report it to Customer Support and you will get your answers.


Thank You brother/sister for your suggest,But I know that your known about this problem.


It is sure that your email was used for creating a fiverr account before . And other is your email address is incorrect .


I created my gmai yestardy night


Brother, How can i know that my gmail is incorret?


write your email address on the g mail log in dialague box and put password . if it is incorrect give you a message .


Did you register the gmail yourself?


Clean Browser Cache and Cookies. Re-start Browser and Try again.


Yes, first I have windows my computer, than I downloaded my web browser
then I create my new Gmail account then I create my Fiverr Account,But
Fiverr show me that my Gmail used pevius! strange!


I have login My Gmail with my password its ok…

  1. If you are using Firefox Browser Then See at the top right corner there,ll be
    Three horizontal line (gear icon) click there… >> select … option.>> a panel ,ll be appear… >> goto Privacy … and clear all history.
  2. If Google Chorme… at the top right corner you can see there vertical Dots.
    Click on dots and click on setting from menu…
    On setting page see at the bottom of page click on " Advance setting"
    under privacy …> clear Browsing data.
  3. Use your new email with any password at’s login page.
    You can’t login… just click on forgot password and complete process under 5RR instruction


I have done this with from your suggestion, But still same problem!


Yes, I have register my gmail


Okay, because if you got that gmail from someone else, it might have been used on a fiverr account before.

Do you have access to the gmail that currently is active with your Fiverr account? Keep using that?

Else, if you are sure the new gmail you try to link to your Fiverr account wasn´t used for Fiverr before and you didn´t misspell it, I guess your only other options are
contacting Customer Support (you could choose Feature support > Other Selling Features from the drop down menu, that is, if you are a Seller, I can´t see any gigs on your fiverr profile, if you´re a Buyer, there´s Other Buying Features too)
or trying with another (g)mail you are sure wasn´t used for a Fiverr account previously.