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I want this discussion to be honest and therefore not to be moderated or flagged please

Hi I am a level 1 seller here
I am a programmer and only seller here for making solidity smart contracts for the bleeding edge technology of ethereum blockchain, I design cryptocurrencies and help in ICO’s also. But last morning my account got blocked out of blue and now I no longer have access to it.

I tried to find the reason why my account got blocked and I see this.

"Issue: Order Delivery Violation
Hi lovekenly,
To provide a pleasant buyer experience, we ask that you deliver the specific work requested and within the agreed upon time frame. Failing to do so hurts our community and the shopping experience.

This is your third violation, therefore your account was blocked."

(And I have not yet clicked the confirm button below it because I have NOT VIOLATED ANY ToS )

Now the real thing is I got scammed by a buyer.
So A buyer came who wanted me to create an erc20 token on ethereum blockchain, I created his token exactly as he described and now after 2 weeks he came back to me and asking me to return his money because he says “IT WAS TOO EASY” (After I explain how it is done it will definitely look easy, right?) and because he says “I COPIED SOMEONE ELSE’S CODE” Which is NOT TRUE guys because I used open sourced code from here - - which I find no reason why I can’t use it in my projects when people can use jQuery or bootstrap or ReactJS or any open source thing in their projects.

And the another misunderstanding which the buyer must have had is that - I NEVER sell code guys, I charged him for CREATING HIS TOKEN (Which is exactly mentioned on my gig) not for GIVING HIM CODE, but anyways he finally had the order CANCELLED AFTER I HAD DONE ALL HIS WORK and he also took the work with him and all his money back, and if you ask me guys, - I seriously don’t care about the fact that he took his money back, but the thing is Fiverr Blocked my account without doing any inquery about Why they are blocking my account. - The worst thing here is Customer Service cancelled the order WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. (They don’t know anything about erc20 tokens)

The buyer wanted to have his work done for free and he had it for free from me and also in addition had my account blocked for no reason.

  • Whatever I am saying guys, I can prove each and every line of it. I am not lying or killing your time.

now here I am in this condition scammed by a buyer who had his work done for free from me and Fiverr let him do it.

$3000+ Are Damaged to me if my account isn’t restored in time. in the last 3 or 4 weeks I had an earning of $8000+ and it was going pretty well before this scammer buyer came and had my account blocked for no reason

Fiverr Customer Support isn’t replying and has blocked all my accounts and not taking anything seriously

Truly guys every passing minute is doing a lot of damage as I used to get a lot of orders for blockchain technology the reason being I am the only seller for that thing here.

Now please tell me what to do and also please do something to have my account restored, I am trying since 48 hours and no response from Customer Support

*****I am having an internal feeling you are gonna flag my post - sorry but don’t know why.

And Fiverr or Fiverr customer service can’t prove that I have violated their ToS

I LOVE JavaScript The Most
I SWEAR ON JAVASCRIPT I HAVE NOT Violated Their ToS For which They are blocking me.

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Nobody on the forum can do that.


Having more than one account is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


I’ll be honest, I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re offering at all - my fault, technology has moved on without me obviously.

We cannot help you to get your account restored, nor can we suggest why it was blocked in the first place - as has been said before, we’re all just buyers and sellers like yourself.

All you can do is wait for CS to get back to you - nothing any of us says on here will be able to help you I’m afraid.

Good luck!

:purple_heart: @catwriter


someone can at least bring it to fiverr’s authorities attention?

I actually have only 1 real account which is lovekenly which is banned

The first account is main account lovekenly which got banned
The second is the “iibestsellerii” one which got banned today idk why
Catwriter This is my 3rd account which I created for help I have no other option

Even if someone tried (and possibly risked their account), the only answer they’d get is that, due to the Privacy Policy, Customer Support can’t discuss the issue with them.

It got banned because you’re not allowed to have a second account.

Only Customer Support can help you (and if you spam them with repeat messages from multiple accounts, they’ll just block all of them because you’re spamming them). Nobody on the forum can restore your account or get Customer Support to do it.

I’m sorry you got into trouble, but I don’t see what anyone on the forum can do to help.

Oh, and this…

…seems to imply that you have hit the Delivery button without delivering the completed work more than once, and/or that you had other violations. You only mention one problem buyer, so, in addition to not being able to help, we also don’t have the complete picture about what led to the ban.

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I’m sorry but what do you really expect to happen here?

Do you expect someone coming to the forum to wail “how do I mek sell” or chat and rant about buying and selling experiences to suddenly start petitioning Fiverr on your behalf?

Do you get someone else with a Mastercard to complain when your card gets eaten by an ATM?

Fiverr can’t be reasoned with. The only person known to ever to have an account restored after one of Fiverr’s tantrums was a man called Jesus who had the biggest Youtuber on the planet put the media spotlight on his situation.

No one here can help and it is very bad form of you to end your post saying that you have a feeling another forum user is going to flag it. - If you’re that intuitive, shouldn’t you have seen your account ban coming?

I’d edit the line in question out if I was you as it really isn’t relevant to what you want to say and only puts you in a bad light.


No one here can help and it is very bad form of you to end your post saying that you have a feeling another forum user is going to flag it. - If you’re that intuitive, shouldn’t you have seen your account ban coming?

  • haha (being a little informal here, I actually had seen it coming :wink: )

well I have contacted Fiverr Customer Support and it’s almost 48 hours with no response and $2924 are pending clearance and $1030 (And many more which were to come) orders are delayed

  • I actually love Fiverr a lot seriously. but I really didn’t expect this when I needed it the most, my home is under construction and fiverr was the only source of income yet

Look, whoever you are, if you know so much about cryptocurrencies, you are a very smart guy. I am sure you will do fine, if not at Fiverr at some place else. Don’t lose your mind over this. Just move on.

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Look, I am pretty sick of listening to this story. Between you and your friends, this is the 3rd or 4th time it has been posted. Just like every other time you posted, the answer you have got is


Not even if they wanted to. If we contact CS about it they would tell us to “go away as we cant discuss this with you”.
Your choice of things to do are:

  • Wait for CS to reply
  • Stop creating new accounts/having “friends” create accounts
  • Read the communication you have received from Fiverr which talks about having to wait 90 days for your account funds and follow what they have said.
  • Read the ToS and be informed before trying again
  • Stop posting about this on the forum.

Anything else would be redundant. Closed.