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I want to a perfect idea for beginners and advanced person

hi i;m rashedul Islam. i’m from Bangladesh . last 2 years i’m learning with the subject of web design and development. now I’m read in class 10. so can’t spend enough time for this but now I’m javascript. I can finish the project now. this is trust. i have an account on Fiverr. I would not like to do working on fiverr because i i have not time for this. I’m learning on science department and on the other hand, i am learning web design. when my learning completely i will come on fiverr. now you provide me a perfect idea. please tell me how can i incress my click rate on fiverr. visit my fiverr account and see the gig and give me an information . this my account:


hey dear please give me an extra information

Hi! I’ll give you not one but three ideas!
First of all, spend some time to increase your languages skills too. English is the first language used in Fiverr, it would be handy to write or speak it at a good level even if you’re not a native.
Second idea: do not call people “dear”, “ma’am”, “sir”, “honey”. Just call people by their username, it’s more professional.
Third idea: if you don’t have time for Fiverr, don’t start your path here. This is not a place for easy and quick money. It takes time and effort to establish a good profile and to become successful.


alphagev thanks for your important information

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