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I want to active a denied gig is it possible?


recently fiverr denied one my good rating gig… i want to get it back… please help me…


If it was denied you should have received a notification stating why and what you need to do to satisfy the requirements to have it activated again, if not you should contact support of the gig in question. Hope this helps, good luck :slight_smile:


You cannot get that particular denied gig back.

You have to upload it again with the corrections stated in the notification by the fiverr customer support .

Hope this helps.

Good day. :slight_smile:


Please contact customer support with that modifications…


Yes u can get it back. My gig was also denied so i submitted a request of activation to fiverr customer support. Next day fiverr has activated my gig :slight_smile:


is it true ?? i also get my gig denied


Contact Customer Support and try. Sometimes gigs get deactivated by mistake.

However, if you were offering a forbidden service, your gig won’t be activated.


this is due to misunderstanding i had my own watermark on my pic …this was due to my works security