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I want to active denied gigs is it possible?

Recently fiverr denied my all rating gigs…i can not create a new gig. i want to get back my all rating gigs… please help me…

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If Fiverr have deleted your gigs, then that’s really the end of the story, and asking people on the forum isn’t going to help, as we don’t work for Fiverr. What do you think anyone on the forum can do? Only Fiverr Customer Support can help you, and it sounds like they’ve already acted.

Why were your gigs shut down?

And when you say you can’t create a new gig, do you mean your account has been closed down as well? If so, I’m afraid your time on Fiverr as a seller is over, and there isn’t really anything you can do about it.


@cubittaudio, account vanished. OP was L2, joined on 2015 and had 329 reviews for Jun 10 2019. :flushed:

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How can you see all that info!? I could see that the OP’s main account seemed to have gone. Are you saying they received 329 reviews in one day? That’s definitely a way to get some alarm bells ringing at Fiverr HQ! :grimacing:

No. OP joined Fiverr on Oct 2015, and by Jun 10 2019, he had 329 reviews.

Since his account was gone, I googled him and looked the cache, there’s where I found the information of the account. Jun 10 2019 is the date Google made the last save of that page.


I wonder if some of the gigs were denied because some of the titles were too similar (eg. 3 basically saying “embroidery digitizing within 2 hours” and 1 saying “embroidery digitizing”)? Though surely they wouldn’t have closed the account for that.


They maybe the problem not in denied gigs but in banned account (therefore OP can not see his gigs). Which means that he most likely had TOS violations