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I want to add my paypal account, There's o Paypal Account show up


Hi Everyone :slight_smile:

I want to connect my Paypal account to Fiverr, no paypal account show up in my profile setting > Billing i have only those information.

Please help me.

Thank you.


I didn’t set up as well. I think maybe you can set up it after you had a first sales.


Hm, Ok thank you for your reply. anyone could confirm this information ?


Try going to the earnings section and see if you can add it from there


Don’t worry my friend :slight_smile:


Hello. Why am I not allowed to add a PayPal account ? I can not press circled in red button .


In SETTINGS above where it says BILLING INFORMATION it should say:

PAYPAL FOR WITHDRAWALS. There you put in your email address that you use for Paypal.

SETTINGS is in the upper right corner.