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I want to ask buyer for changing review

My buyer want to change reviews on my order as I also give review to him I did not find a way to ask him for review change. I s there any way that the buyer change his review on order?

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Do not do this! It breaks Fiverr’s ToS and you will get a warning for doing so.

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No there isn’t, why did your buyer put such review at the first place that he wants to update it now? Besides its against the terms of service to ask your buyers for both the reviews or refreshed reviews.

but fiverr gives us option to ask buyer to change review

No, it doesn’t. Really doesn’t.

don,t try to do this because It breaks Fiverr’s ToS and you will get a warning for doing so

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There have been many forum posts where sellers have complained that they got a warning because they discussed a review.

Best just to leave it and move on.

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Please post evidence of this to the forum.

I’m fairly sure that Fiverr doesn’t allow you to approach buyers to change reviews.

It’s this sort of misguided information that other desperate people latch on to, and then find they’ve received an account warning or suspension because they’ve followed your incorrect claim.

Please be factual with what you post. If you don’t know it to be true, then word your post in such a way that makes this clear.


Should we all just give up at this point and just go: “Do it”?

PS Don’t do it. You won’t believe this but asking the buyer to change a review can potentially lead to receiving a warning or an account suspension.


There are people that only learn the hard way and by own experience. No matter how hard you try advising them, they will never listen.

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I’ve just said as much in another post tonight.

The people who so obviously need to listen to experience and to learn are the exact same people who never will. They just never ever will.

Unless you tell them what they want to hear (which is the exact opposite of reality), then they will carry on blindly until some idiot finally agrees with their point of view. And then bingo! They’ve got the answer they wanted. It will be wrong of course, but they’ve got the answer.

And then they wonder in six months time why they’re still not making sales.

Someone turn the light off please. Oh, and unplug my MacBook from the wall. I won’t be needing it anymore.


Nah, then we will have to endure the traditional “My account was restricted, I did nothing wrong, how can I get it back pls”