I Want To Ask, Can any one Sell Premium Themes With Purchase Code And Licence Code



i want to ask some thing, Can any one Sell Premium Themes With Purchase Code And Licence Code on fiverr.
Is it right to deal with it?

waiting for your suggestion.


If you purchased the themes from elsewhere, then you are most likely not allowed to resell them here. You should only sell things that you do, not resell things from other marketplaces/sites (and make sure to read the terms of other marketplaces that sell such themes, because they will probably not allow reselling them)


Take the advice from @Woofy31 seriously.
Most Themes/Templates you buy are with a license, addressed to you. for you to work on them and deliver your work.
Reselling the Themes/Templates as they are, is not allowed. Unless you have a license to resell them. If not, they could even sue you for that.


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@webd3sign3r I think if you do that you’d be violating several copyright laws. And how can you sell them in the first place if they are licensed to you? It means hundreds of your buyers will be using the same theme with your license integrated to it? I think that can be labelled as piracy. But I’m not sure.


@saad_nagi if i provide separate licence key or purchase code with each theme then what?


Like a keygen? or crack?
That’s illegal too.
I don’t know but I think it depends on business moral. Like using cracked games, softwares or windows and activating them with fake keys (that we do not buy) is illegal but the world does it anyway.


@saad_nagi No Any Kind Nulled, Pirate, Keygen or Cracked etc


Absolutely not! :cry:


If you purchase the Developer’s license for the theme (usually costs around 40 - 50 times the Theme’s standard license) and send the proofs of Developer’s license ownership to the Fiverr CS, I believe they wouldn’t have problems with you selling the Themes on Fiverr.

Regarding selling cracked, nulled themes - are you joking?

That’s not against Fiverr’s ToS. That’s illegal pretty much anywhere in the world.


It depends on the theme. Fiverr might be OK with that, but developer license is not really meant for reselling unless you sell it as part of your product. Usually you can’t sell themes as is with a lower price.


Thanks All Of You, After Read Your Comments i Feel very Special Because I’m Member Of Fiverr Family. Thanks :slight_smile:


You should change your image back, because I don’t think Rachel Bilson will be happy to see that she’s now designing websites and has become a Wordpress expert.

For your info, buyers are more likely to buy from a seller who looks trustworthy by using their actual image instead of a fake/copied image from the Internet that hides who you are or what you look like. Using fake or copied photos sort of triggers a buyer alarm that you might not be trustworthy. Just saying.

P.S. the old trick of using pics of cute or hot women doesn’t work anymore nowadays, it’s been used, misused and abused way too much


thanks dear, i’m changing pic with my own.