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I want to ask for posting screenshot!

I want to ask , can i post screenshot with buyer name for just showing you my experience and tell you the stroy !


No, you can tell your story but you can’t post or show the name of the buyer.


I get order from a buyer for video ad service , they give me a script plus video for using it , after delivering , he change script and that are changing requirements , but i did , after the final delivery . He send me dispute and he said this is not what i want but the true is nothing is there that are not full fill the requirements . He is now giving lame excuses for cancel the order and i 100 percent know he have plan to use my work at free of cost .

  1. He said the video ad is not professional ,even he did not say this before changing the script , after changing the script and getting a desire work . He is saying like that the video is not same as what i want and video is not professional .

I did report before an hour to cs . And i ask cs to check the video and the requirements and check it .

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Wow! I never expected the amount of rats on fiverr would be this large :flushed: I’m barely done reading one nasty experience and ‘pop’ goes another.

@all_solution11 I think you can take part in this thread :confused:

Sorry, my response doesn’t have any solution or advice, but I think you already did what would be suggested to you. Good luck with getting your issue resolved.

let you know when fiver cs response , i will share if this resolve

fiver cancel the order

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Which means you lost your money. . .?

$15 just , not to much

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It’s still a shame that that buyer got away with free work. I understand that fiverr doesn’t want injustice done to the party that pays money, but I think the Seller’s hard work should be protected too. It’s nice to see you’re taking it well though. I haven’t started getting any orders as yet, but I’ve realized that one has be wary of the manipulative lot when accepting orders. Good luck for the future. All the best! :+1:


thanks :slight_smile: